Tony's teaching is dynamic, flexible, and student-centered. He features as a regular guest instructor at the Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open (an annual tournament in Atlanta that draws around a hundred participants) and the Rapier and Saber Pedagogy retreat (a coaching clinic run by Decatur School of Arms for historical fencing instructors). Tony brings a depth of experience from his work in both eastern and western martial traditions, which allow him to give detailed feedback to students from a variety of training backgrounds. In our events, he offered both individual lessons targeting a single student's learning needs, and large-format seminars on grappling and longsword techniques. Tony can teach any weapon to any level of experience, and his participation goes a long way toward making our events successful.

Dori Coblentz, Ph.D. and Master-at-Arms

Georgia Tech, Decatur School of Arms

David Coblentz, Master-at-Arms

Decatur School of Arms


I worked with Tony twice. Once on the Inaugural Sword Event in Sacramento in 2015 and the again in September 2017 at a Sword Experience event again in Sacramento. I found Tony to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and willing to go above and beyond. He also is not tied to any one theory but listens to other points of view and even incorporates them into his own philosophy when they make sense. I would be honored if Tony continues to be part of the Sword Experience affiliations and value his expertise greatly.

Adrian Paul


I've been working with Tony for years, and he's the rare kind of instructor that will find ways to work around your shortcomings with enthusiasm and help you to succeed. I started fencing three years ago and found this class to be a great, non-judgmental environment to work in.

Tina Ponzetti.


Tony is a very encouraging instructor. There's no wasted time in his class and a good bit of 1-on-1 for new students. He's also an experienced instructor who is able to explain things in a way that makes sense the first time and answer questions

Elizabeth Marie H.


I became a student of Tony's several years ago when he peaked my interest in historical fencing. I was hooked. The best instructor I've ever had. I have been involved in various forms of fencing for years, but having gotten involved in Tony's class has hooked me. His passion for the sport/art is infectious. His teaching techniques are compassionate. I've learned a lot and look forward to my classes. I can't recommend this class enough!

BJ  Fadem


Tony has endless energy, passion and excellent organizational skills. As a parent of a student he exercises a lot of patience and has been very pleasant to work with.

Catherine  and Brenden Bonetti


I highly recommend Tony's class if you have an interest in sword fighting. He's a very professional and patient instructor with a vast knowledge of historical weaponry. There are several disciplines he teaches i.e. dagger, broadsword etc. Beginners are most welcome. My interest was geared towards Olympic fencing and the foil and he's a pro at that, too. Super fun class and a great mind and body workout. I drove all the way from the East Bay for his class!

Ara G.


Speaking as a student of the Italian Renaissance Swordsmanship Academy, I can be confident in saying that for the purposes of learning traditional Italian martial arts, it is one of the best, if not the best, institutions in the state. Last year, I had no idea how to hold a sword, beyond the overly dramatic dances shown in movies and plays. He's patient with the new students and quickly teaches the basics of four different disciplines (the longsword, the rapier, the saber, and the dagger) within a month. Teaching comes quick to him, and he is always inspiring his students to greater heights. I say without a doubt that should you wish to explore the world of Italian martial arts, this is the place to come.

Ethan Wang

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